On the eve of Friday December 8, I threw a ReBirthday dance party ceremony to celebrate the end of my 7-year healing journey.

These years since I stood up suddenly, blacked out, and fell off a waterfall on Jan 10, 2011 have been a journey I could have never imagined. One that I’m forever grateful for because I grew into a greater version of myself—more alive, more true, more loving, more joyful, and more powerful. But, oh lordy, what it took to get here….

Dancing My Story

In a way, I can just share the dance I did in the opening ceremony of the night representing the journey of my past 7 years and leave it at that.

  • Songs 2 & 3 — Years 1–6 (2011–2016)
  • Song 4 — Year 7 (2017)
The physical layer of my healing journey
Flower art at the site of my fall, 01.10.14

More About ReBirthday

Last November when I had a huge energetic expansion in my being, I had the vision for ReBirthday — a sweat-filled dance ceremony like nothing I’d ever experienced to celebrate the return of my vitality. Thanks to the one-and-only Sage Bearman, she conjured the name. But the process of bringing this vision into being was a challenging journey that surfaced important final pieces of healing — confronting my shame, asking for big help, healing my trust of community, having faith that resources would come together, considering how to include all those I love (family and friends near and far) while also just fucking throwing this thing already….

A few of the many loves who came to ReBirthday, 12.08.17
With Laura at the end of ReBirthday
Community altar offerings from ReBirthday
Honoring my wings at sunrise after Winter Solstice , Lac Archambault, Quebec, 12.22.17

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