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Recently, I was working with an executive coaching client who got clarity on his calling.

Not just a market opportunity, but rather: what life has been preparing him for to bring forward greater service to the whole that aligns with his gifts and life experiences. He shared about it with excitement, named the trepidation about all the electricity coursing through him, noticed the ways it pulled at his ego, inhabited a visible sense of feeling humbled, then sat breathing deeply and quietly.

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Certain dental surgeries like tooth extractions and implants require you to be on a no chew diet afterwards for 3 weeks to help the tissues and bone heal. This can be daunting, I know. I’m in my second-ever no-chew diet after a dental surgery and this time I decided to track and write about my approach to eating is case it may be of help to you.

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How do we find our way to somewhere we’ve never been before?

Individually, we each long to create a life that brings us into ever more wholeness. As lovers and families, we aim to love each other fully and create possibilities beyond what we’ve known. As teams and organizations, we want to birth impactful new collaborations, structures, and products that are inevitably further than what we’ve experienced. Collectively, millions of us around the world wish to change our social patterns and ecological trajectory toward a future of freedom and flourishing for all life on Earth.

On the eve of Friday December 8, I threw a ReBirthday dance party ceremony to celebrate the end of my 7-year healing journey.

These years since I stood up suddenly, blacked out, and fell off a waterfall on Jan 10, 2011 have been a journey I could have never imagined. One that I’m forever grateful for because I grew into a greater version of myself—more alive, more true, more loving, more joyful, and more powerful. But, oh lordy, what it took to get here….

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In 5 days, I return for the 3rd immersion for my 9-month sex, relationship, and intimacy coaching training in the Somatica Method.

Intuition is one of the most frequent and mysterious topics I explore with my coaching clients. It inspires curiosity, intrigue, skepticism, judgement, and profound personal growth, as we work together to develop their intuition as a powerful asset. In this article, I share how I help leaders develop their intuition as a key capability by exploring:

  • What intuition is and how it relates to intellect,
  • How to develop intuitive capacities, and
  • How to leverage intuition for more effective leadership.

Distinguishing intellect and intuition

Though U.S. culture, and even our dictionaries, can conflate intellect and intelligence, I regard intellect and intuition as two core forms…

Listening is one of the most fundamental skills in a coach’s toolkit, and I’ve found that few things have advanced my coaching practice (and life) as much as continually refining my listening skills. While this may seem obvious or rudimentary, I’ve been blown away by the layers of subtlety that exist in the realm of listening. In my growth, I’ve learned to listen more deeply to myself, my clients, our shared space, the larger field, and how all of these realities interact.

Women’s March, San Francisco — Jan 21. 2017

2016 was a tumultuous year across all fronts — politically, ecologically, socially, economically — and 2017 is poised to be similarly ripe with turbulence and great change. In this global and social context,

  • What is the role of coaching and the contribution of our field?
  • How can we support individuals and teams to grow into their potential and be agents of change, while also taking steps in our work to affect larger, positive social change?

Following the U.S. election of Donald Trump as president, I shared a rich conversation with the good coach’s incisive and wonderful, Yvonne Thackray, about these…

Evolving Patterns in How We Work

Last week I presented on the dynamics of company culture at two events in downtown San Francisco. On Tuesday, I hosted my first of four culture design workshops at PARISOMA and two days later, I shared a talk on fostering effective communication for founding teams at Rock Health. Though the focus of each event differed, I saw a striking commonality uniting all attendees. Each person was palpably hungry for clarity and understanding of how to thoughtfully, effectively shape their company culture.

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